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Jl. Purwodadi Ujung Pekan Baru
Riau , Indonesia

Max Interior Design & Contractor Is Company Interior Built & Custom Furniture In Pekanbaru. We Are Ready To Help You To Create The Design Interior And Exterior Building You Want.

Our Design Concept Using A Software That Is Very Complete, Start Autocad For Construction Planning, 3D-Max Design For Interior Design And Photoshop To Design A Very Detailed Finishing.

Assisted By Professional Experts In Their Field And Using Quality Materials Precision Workmanship Also Will Produce Satisfactory Products Our Customers. In The Construction Field, We Act As A Developer Who, Among Others, Planning, Implementation And Renovation Construction, Construction Supervision And Facilities Including Backfilling And Leveling Of Land.

Interior Services:

1. Interior Design
2. Making Furniture Home
3. Creation Of Office Furniture
4. Kitchen Set
5. Interior Store
6. Partition Rooms & Ceiling
7. Insulation Glass, Etc. Exterior Services:

1. Housing Development, Shop, Hotel, Etc.
2. Renovation
3. Making Fences
4. Making Canopies
5. Making Parking (Konblok)
6. Making Brands/ Branding Building
7. Cover Building, Etc.

So No One If You Entrust The Design Of The Interior And Exterior Design To Us, Because You Are The Source Of Our Inspiration, And Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority.

For More Info, Please Contact Us. If You Have Questions About Interior Design, Construction And Workmanship. We Are Ready To Provide Solutions For All Your Spatial Planning.

Max Interior Pekanbaru

Phone : (0761) 78-700-16
HP : 0853-5663-3233
PIN : 7C80BD99
Website : Maxpekanbaru.Blogspot.Com

Jl. Purwodadi Ujung Pekan Baru
Riau , Indonesia